Figures of Reality

Figures of reality assembles figurative-based approaches that build on the great traditions of painting. Natural and urban landscapes, portraits, genre scenes and still lifes continue to occupy contemporary pictorial space, providing pretexts for artists’ ongoing exploration of the visible world through figuration.

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Fictional WORLDS

Fictional worlds groups figurative approaches with content either symbolic or inspired by comic strips, the media, illustration or, more recently, computer-generated imagery. Artists draw on the vast store of globally circulating images and narratives, aiming to renew their interpretation by reinventing their motifs, particularly for those pertaining to identify and history.

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Painting as Subject

Painting as subject brings together practices in which the “how” determines the “what” of painting, shaping the work through the use of quotation, gestural language or abstraction. The characteristics of painting itself, as material and as an art form with a history, constitute the very essence of the art.

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Hybrid Practices

Hybrid practices covers works in which painting develops through contact with other artistic disciplines to become, for example, an object-painting, a text-painting or a photograph-painting. The resulting fusion opens up painting to the multiple possibilities offered by photography, text, collage, three-dimensional work and installation.

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